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Simply Lettering is a brand-new magazine for everyone interested in modern calligraphy, from complete beginners to seasoned experts. With Simply Lettering, you can learn how to create beautiful brush lettering and fancy scripts yourself and use those skills in a wide range of beautiful and practical projects, from cards and gift tags, to bullet journals and planners. Why not learn this accessible and engaging new skill today, with the help of Simply Lettering?

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Get started in calligraphy part 1 - Paul Antonio explains the importance of posture

15th June 2020

Calligraphy expert Paul Antonio talks us through the importance of good posture and why it is essential for successful writing In my 30 plus years of doing calligraphy, the one...


Inspire your lettering this June with our Simply Lettering Challenge letter-along

28th May 2020

It’s almost the dawn of a new month, which means lots more opportunities to pick up a pen and practice your lettering. To help you get cracking, we have put...