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Simply Lettering is a brand-new magazine for everyone interested in modern calligraphy, from complete beginners to seasoned experts. With Simply Lettering, you can learn how to create beautiful brush lettering and fancy scripts yourself and use those skills in a wide range of beautiful and practical projects, from cards and gift tags, to bullet journals and planners. Why not learn this accessible and engaging new skill today, with the help of Simply Lettering?

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Create a coffee-themed chalkboard design with Andra

6th December 2019

For jher For her latest blog post, Andra Danciu took her inspiration from the chalk lettering pen that came with issue 2 of Simply Lettering. In the video above you...


Simply Lettering issue 5 is on sale now!

2nd December 2019

Are you looking for more fantastic ideas to inspire your lettering and step-by-step guides to teach you a range of techniques? Then look no further than the brand-new issue of...


Simply Lettering issue 5 giveaways

2nd December 2019

We have some amazing prizes up for grabs in issue 5! Enter your details in the form below making sure to tick each prize that you would like to win....