Create a stretched lettering card with Ilona Regnery

Mixed font lettering can be so eye catching and is a super way of bringing some words into sharp focus and relegating others to a secondary. In issue 8 of Simply Lettering, Ilona Regnery shares her tips on how to incorporate stretched lettering into mixed font designs, and even shares a full stretched lettering alphabet to get you started.

There are two full step-by-step projects in issue 8 but we’ve saved a third to bring you right here. Read on to create this card for yourself.


  • Tombow Mono drawing pens (01, 03 & 05)
  • Ecoline brush pens or liquids
  • small brush
  • white Uniball Signo broad gel pen
  • mixing plate
  • smooth sheet protector
  • spray bottle
  • paper towel
  • Canson Imagine Mixed Media paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • ruler

1 Transfer the template very slightly, without any pressure, using a pencil.

2 Use the mixing plate and prepare it with a nice range of light colours or add some water to darker colours to brighten them. Fill all letters of ‘CHOOSE’ and blend the colours smoothly together. Erase all pencil lines after the colours are completely dried.

3 Take a ruler, measure out the middle of ‘CHOOSE’ in height and width and draw with a pencil (slightly/without pressure) a vertically line over the whole card. Now mark the middle of the word, this will be the place for the first ‘p’ of the stretched ‘happy’. Space out the difference between the remaining letters from this point evenly. For this card a distance of 1” works very well. For a more stretched effect you can use a longer distance.

4 Mark and write the other letters of ‘happy’ with a pencil and connect all letters with a curvy line; a straight line would give you an alternative look.

5. Follow the pencil lines with a Tombow fine-liner 03. For a brush-lettered look, again take the fine-liner 03 and draw all downstrokes thicker. If you have experience with a brush pen, you can follow the pencil lines directly with a small writing brush pen like the Tombow Fudenosuke or the Pentel brush sign pen. After the ink is completely dried, erase all visible pencil lines.

Add some paint splatters for a more vivid look.

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