Get creative with alcohol inks

01 Oct 2019 0 Comments Feature, Tutorial alcohol ink, faux calligraphy

For this blog, Carrie from  Carriegraphy gets creative with alcohol inks and shows you how to bring these fun products into your lettering.

I’ve been watching artists on social media make the most beautiful pictures using alcohol inks and they’ve really inspired me with this piece. The only thing I hadn’t seen was alcohol inks combined with lettering, so I thought I’d mash them together and see what I could come up with.

To create this project you’ll need some Yupo paper, which can easily be purchased online. I have used the A5 size for this project, but you can get bigger or smaller sheets too. The alcohol inks I’ve used are from Brea Reese and Ranger and I also have the small Blending Solution from Ranger too. The only other thing you need is a straw.

TOP TIP > This can get messy, so use an old piece of paper underneath your work.


Start by adding a line of blending solution across the page horizontally. Before this starts to dry, drop Stream alcohol ink into the solution. You will notice it spreads quite quickly which is the effect you’re after. Blow the ink around to disperse the colour with a straw. Next drop Pink Brea Reese alcohol ink in, around and on top of the Stream ink and watch it mix together. Use a straw again to move it around and help it blend in with each other. Finish off with a few more drops of blending solution to move the inks and create a slight resist look.

You’ll notice you can easily fill a page and it’s really addictive too because you’ll want to make another one the minute you’ve finished the first one!

I finished off with hand lettering the word “dreamer” on there in black pen in a faux calligraphy flourish style.

Why not try it with different colours? You’ll be amazed at how different each picture comes out even if you use the same colours.

You can also do this on white gloss coasters too, just make sure you tape the edges up first so the ink doesn’t flow down the sides. You’ll also need to cover them in resin before you use them too otherwise the colour will fade and the heat will change the look of it too.

Brea Reese Alcohol Ink is available from

Yupo Paper is available from Clarity Stamp

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