Amy Tangerine’s Stunning Craft Room!

We take a little look around the fabulous craft room of Amy Tan – aka Amy Tangerine and asked her a few questions about her favourite storage solutions and craft room ideas.

If you haven’t heard of Amy Tangerine yet (where have you been!) – Amy’s YouTube channel is fantastic and she has some amazing brush lettering guides!

What one item in your craft room could you not live without?

My DreamBox! I feel like I am cheating with that answer because it is probably every crafter’s dream. It holds so many of the supplies and tools that I could not live without too.

dream box

What’s your favourite storage solution?

Without a doubt, the DreamBox by the Original Scrapbox. It’s truly changed the way I work approach my projects, work, and creativity. When we first had it set up in the studio, it was a little overwhelming, because I really wanted to make sure to take the proper time to maximise its potential. As someone who isn’t naturally inclined to be neat and organised, I knew it would be wonderful to have a system designed with the crafter in mind.

How do you organise your products?

Mostly I try and organise by products and then within the category, things get put in my favorite order of all – rainbow! Not only is it pure happiness, but with the amount of supplies that come in these fantastic colours, it would seem a shame not to display them in a happy way. For tools and other supplies, I have finally found that they should be grouped by product. I used to store scrapbook collections all together, but found myself mixing and matching anyway. After a couple months of working with a new collection, I try and sort out the rest by category. That way if I am looking for a sticker or embellishment, I can just go right to that container or drawer.

amazing craft room storage ideas

If you could buy any item for your craft room – what would it be?

A self-cleaning robot assistant – ha! Really though, if there was an area to get freely messy and then have it magically cleaned afterward (I’m thinking paint splatters) then that would be amazing.

Do you tidy away your products as soon as you’ve finished creating, or tidy up after it gets too messy to carry on?

Definitely B, but I am working really hard towards A.

craft room ideas

Where is your favourite place to buy your craft room solutions from?

The flea market is a great source for unique storage solutions. I love the idea of discovering new ways to repurpose older items. It’s fun to find things that not everyone has as well. Although I also love Target, the Container Store and Ikea.

If you could only buy one more item for your craft room – what would you prioritise?

Oh this is a hard one. I think I would like to get a ceiling mount installed for my video camera. A tripod works great, but it would be really cool to have a camera and lighting that was always available when I wanted to start recording something on my table.

Do you like to have items on display or hidden and out of site?

If there’s a way to display things in an efficient and fun way, I want them displayed. There are certain tools and supplies I keep within arms’ reach that I find myself using daily. The studio is definitely a mix of both.

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  1. Maggie Jones

    July 11, 2019 at 2:21

    I think your DreamBox is stunning, but I also love those rainbow coloured pots. They be more accessible to me – can you remember where they came from?

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