Live your neon dreams with Simply Lettering 11 – on sale now

We hope you’re all keeping safe and you’re finding the time to calm the mind with lettering and journaling. To help you while the hours of lockdown and exercise your creativity, a brand-new issue of Simply Lettering is on its way. Issue 11 is an explosion of colour and comes with an exclusive set of neon gel pens as well as your packed template and practice sheet pack. You can pick up issue 11 of Simply Lettering in stores across the UK from Thursday or order your copy direct to your door from

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So what’s in store in issue 11? You’ll find all this and more:

  • Learn how to blend your neon gel pens with Milly Withers
  • Blend lettering and floral doodles in Lou’s masterclass
  • Get started in bullet journaling with Annie Weir
  • Tom Downes shares his quick ideas for pen and ink greeting cards for men
  • Create stunning ribbon lettering with Ilona Regnery’s step-by-step guide and bonus alphabet

Create colour blends with your neon gel pens – Milly Withers shows you how!

Get creative with parallel pens

Learn ribbon lettering with Ilona  Regnery

Use your lettering skills to create greetings cards for men – Tom Downes explains all



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One Comment on “Live your neon dreams with Simply Lettering 11 – on sale now

  1. Jill

    June 11, 2020 at 12:57

    Is issue 12 in the shops yet in issue 11 it said 9th July is that right as I love simply lettering stay safe you and all of your family

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