simply lettering

Simply Lettering is a brand-new magazine for everyone interested in modern calligraphy, from complete beginners to seasoned experts. Hand lettering is booming in popularity, and is seen everywhere from wedding invitations and personalised gifts, to greetings cards and home d├ęcor. With Simply Lettering, you can learn how to create beautiful brush lettering and fancy scripts yourself and use those skills in a wide range of beautiful and practical projects, from cards and gift tags, to bullet journals and planners.

Every issue of Simply Lettering brings you a wide range of step-by-step projects to inspire and delight, and includes practice sheets to help you master each script and style. You’ll also receive pens and project kits, so you can start creating right away.

Our team of modern calligraphy and journaling experts brings you new projects and fonts to master every issue, as well as interviews and features with the world’s best, most inspiring lettering designers. Why not learn this accessible and engaging new skill today, with the help of Simply Lettering?

If you’re just starting with hand lettering this website is packed with handy tutorials and advice to help you get started, from learning the basic strokes that make up every letter to more advanced techniques for creating stunning script for all occasions.

Dip pens are ideal for creating sophisticated and beautiful lettering but can take a little more time to master. In the video above, Lou explains how to load your dip pen with ink and how to achieve thick and thin strokes by varying your pressure on the nib.