Create Christmas tree lettering with Ilona Regnery

There are so many wonderful ways to bring lettering into your Christmas activities. For her debut post on the Simply Lettering blog, designer Ilona Regnery shows you step by step how to create this striking Christmas tree lettering, which would be super for Christmas cards. tags or a festive chalkboard design. Read on to find out how to create this look yourself.

You will need:

  • 2 Fine-liners: a finer and a bolder one, eg 01 and 03 Tombow mono drawing pens
  • Bright paper eg Imagine MixMedia or Bristol of Canson in A6 (4.1“ x 5.8“)
  • Dark paper for the shimmering tree, eg CARB‘ON of Clairefontaine in A6 (4.1“ x 5.8“)
  • Glitter or metallic gel pens eg uniball Signo gold

1. Take the pencil and lightly draw out a basic structure. Draw a vertical line with a distance of 1 3/8“ to the top and 0.75“ to the bottom in the middle of the card. Then draw a horizontal line of 3.5“ at a height of 1 3/8“ from the bottom. From this on draw six additional horizontal lines – each a bit shorter than the line below.

2. Again using the pencil, write out your text evenly, beginning with the first word on top. Combine big and small letters, stretch or compress the words when needed.

3. Take the 03 fine-liner and follow your pencil lines. If need to you can do last corrections at this point. After the ink is completely dried, erase the pencil sketch.

4. Now to add some faux calligraphy. Take the fine-liner and draw all downstrokes thicker. Here you will have the chance to give the loops a more even and round shape

5. The last step is to draw in the fairy lights chain, star and trunk with a fine-liner – use a pencil first if you’re nervous about making mistakes. Take the 01 fine-liner to draw the star chain. It’s absolutely okay when the chain is uneven, but take care not to cross the words with it. Finally add big and small stars. Yeah – you’ve finished your lettering tree!

6. On dark paper it’s better to do a few marks at the edges only, instead of all the lines, and to use a ruler underneath your lettering for orientation. Don’t forget to erase all marks before you’re starting with the gel pen. Try to follow your pencil lettering lines exactly with your gel pen. Sadly the gel pen lettering will fade out when you use the eraser over it or at worst the ink of the gel pen smudges. Don’t worry – you will get quick practice in doing the lettering trees without any helping lines. Simply start with the first word and let all the text follow. It’s okay if not all sides are in sync – keep in mind, the most beautiful trees in nature aren’t perfectly symmetrical.


Ilona Regnery has loved crafting since childhood and made her dream come true by opening a shop selling cardmaking supplied for several years. In 2016 she started doing a bullet journal and fell in love with hand and brush lettering in january 2017. Ilona shares the joy and love for bujos and lettering in workshops and on her Instagram feed.

Learn sketchy lettering with Ilona in issue 5 of Simply Lettering – out now!


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