Lettering onto mini wood slices

Sometimes it is good to go back through your older crafty stash and see what you can upcycle or decorate, just as Bethany-Rose has here to create beautiful gifts with her children’s names on.
I’m going to confess something to you right now. I can’t say no to a crafty bargain. I have a whole chest of drawers in my office dedicated to items I’ve bought for a really good price, with grand ideas of new products I’ll make and new hobbies I’m going to try. In reality, they sit in the drawer and I feel the guilt wash over as I rearrange them to find a home for my newest purchase.
Today however, this all changes, as I am actually going to make something.
Aurora, my eldest, has been telling me all summer how she wants some new items on her gallery wall and I’ve been enthusiastically nodding away and then promptly forgetting. This morning though, she asked me at just the right time and so here I am using items from my drawer of wonders and feeling like a bit of a rockstar. Of course my other two kids have now chimed in that they want something too.
What you’ll need.
  • 10×10 frames (Hobbycraft were selling these for less than half price and I bought a number I am ashamed to tell you, because it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass by!)
  • 10×10 decorative paper (I pick these up from The Range pretty much every time I go in. They have so many designs and are usually only £1 and come in handy for so many things.
  • Wood slices that fit in the frames
  • A pencil (If like me you need to sketch out your letters first)
  • Paints and brushes (I like acrylic, Decoart is my favourite)
  • Pens (I’m using Sakura Pigma brush pen in Black, and Papermania fluid metallic brush markers)
  • Strong Glue or double sided adhesive tape.
1. Paint a solid circle on your wood slice, leaving a small border round the edge and following the natural lines of your slice.
2. Pencil the name or word onto your slice. I am a total beginner at calligraphy and find it really hard to just write a word. However, what I can do is find a font I like and then draw the word. It takes a bit more time, but at the moment it’s the only way I can do it! Must practice more!

3. Having not done this particular craft before I decided to trial and error some techniques. With Delta’s slice I painted over her pencilled name in acrylics. This was the way I found easiest to do, but it did bleed slightly, and I ended up touching some lines up with the Sakura Brush Pen.
Aurora’s slice, was just done with the above brush pen. If I was a more advanced calligrapher, this is totally what I would use, it gave sharp edges, went on with one go and was way quicker than painting.
Lincoln’s was done with the Papermania brush pens. I was so pleasantly surprised with this. I didn’t know if they’d show enough or look a bit translucent, but they applied just as easy as the sakura pens and have a lovely finish.
4. The details.
I am a massive fan of a flowery vine. It’s an effective yet simple way to decorate anything. Just look at my planner! I started with a green line around the edge of the pink. Some leaves roughly equal spaced all around the edge and then add a dotted flower in the gaps, one colour for the flower centre and then 5 dots in a different colour around that, minimal artistic skill needed!
After I completed that, the pink background looked too flat, so I simply added dots in two different colours to give it some dimension.
Both Delta and Lincolns slice were detailed with just pen, again mainly dots and a border round the background just make it stand out more.
5.  Choose a paper that you think compliments the wood slice and glue or tape that to the frame back. Once dry glue the woodslice to the centre.
6. Put the frame together and give to some very excited recipients.
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