Get started with dip pen calligraphy


For many people, calligraphy is synonymous with dip pens, nibs and jars of lustrous ink. With modern calligraphy, there are a range of tools you can use to create your lettering, including brush pens and paint brushes, but dip pens with modern calligraphy nibs are very popular and they’re super at creating sophisticated and beautiful script.

Pen nibs intended for modern calligraphy have two points on either side of the ink reservoir. When making your upstrokes, use a light pressure and the points will stay together to create a nice narrow line. When it comes to downstrokes, push harder to create more pressure. This opens up the two points, allowing more ink to flow and creating a thicker downstroke. Sounds tricky? It’s actually quite simple and just takes a little practice to master. To help you out, watch the video above which explains the basics of working with a dip pen.

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