Learn to use watercolour inks on standard printer paper

Andra Danciu is a modern calligrapher, traditional and digital artist, and one of the talented members of the Simply Lettering design team. In this video, Andra shares her process for creating a beautiful lettering design, complete with inky background and hand-drawn wreath. After her sped-up video of the design keeping watching for the real-time video showing her progress.

For this design, Andra used:

  • Navigator Paper 120 gsm
  • Ecoline Inks – available from CraftStash
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Colors – also from CraftStash
  • Rolling Ruler – available from Scribblers
  • Rhodia Pencil – available from Cult Pens
  • Derwent Eraser Pencil with Brush – available from Derwent

Andra’s top tips
I was curious to see if I could create something like this using a basic printer paper – rather than specialist watercolour paper – and was pleasantly surprised with the results.
If you use this paper or any other 120gsm paper don’t add too much water, as they are not destined for this. When properly done though, wonders happen! Just tap with a piece of paper towel to reduce the amount of ink, being careful not to smudge, as you can see in the video. Also, after you do this, let it dry naturally in the sun, and after it is completely dry, put a heavy book on it and leave it like that for hours or maybe a day, as I did, so the paper will be nice and flat when ready to draw and write.
Alternatively, use a watercolour paper, which is designed to work with wetter materials. You can then dry it with a heat gun, tilting the paper several times to help it shape.
To create the wreath I used a Duck masking tape but you can use any round object. Lightly draw the circle around the object with a pencil then go around with a few irregular circles. See the real-time video for the whole process.

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