Create a uniquely personalised brush lettering mug

For her latest blog post, Andra Danciu created a personalised mug with the edding porcelain brush pens

A while ago I created some lettering on a mug using a normal brush pen and I was asking on social media what to use so it can permanently remain on the mug – edding UK replied recommending their Porcelain Pens. I got them right away but waited for my turn on the blog post to create something! Meanwhile, I did a piece on paper and fell in love with how it turned out, so I decided to try the same design on a mug too. I personally love it and it’s my first permanently personalised mug!

For this project I’ve used:

  • a Luminarc Carine White Glass Mug from The Range
  • edding Porcelain Brush Pens from Cult Pens
  • 2B Derwent pencil for guideline and  flourishes and a Derwent eraser pencil
  • A cotton bud to help the pencil eraser here and there
  • A blending tray
  • Methylated spirits
When you get the mug wipe it off with methylated spirit then give it a quick wash with soapy water to remove any residue from the manufacturing process.
After this, I drew my guidelines and lettered on the mug blending three colours – yellow, green and red. I have used the yellow as a base. I love to experiment so I had to try this and you can see the end result in the video. The ink dries quite fast and you can blend only while it’s wet! I cleaned the nib of the yellow pen that I’ve used as a base and at the end it was unaffected by the whole process. It cleaned beautifully!
After I completed the whole piece, I’ve put it in the preheated oven at 160 degrees for 25 minutes and now it’s beautifully, amazingly permanent!
Important tips from edding:
  • If you want to correct something, simply wipe the porcelain with a damp cloth or cotton bud. Corrections can only be made if the design or decoration has not yet been heat fixed in the oven. Baking in the oven sets the design and makes it dishwasher-safe, so no more alterations can be made.
  • The ink in the edding 4200 porcelain brush pen is designed for decorative purposes and is not intended for areas of the porcelain that are used for cutting, eating or drinking (ie you should only decorate the rim of a plate or the outside of a mug). So it won’t withstand scratches from knives and forks, etc., although it does contain an additive to make your personalised design more robust and give it the best possible protection from scratches.
  • Depending on the type of material and the amount of use, we cannot rule out the appearance of slight signs of wear. When loading and unloading the dishwasher, take care that your hand-designed item isn’t subject to friction and rubbing, by positioning it in the dishwasher so that it doesn’t come into contact with other items of crockery and cutlery. When washing up by hand, avoid using a washing-up brush or harsh cleaning aids such as abrasive cream cleaners and scourers.
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