Try your hand at ribbon lettering with Andra

Ribbon letters are fun to create and they can really pop out in your design. With Christmas just around the corner, Andra Danciu has shared her process for creating beautiful ribbon lettering, which you can recreate in a multitude of different ways.
Here’s the sped-up version of how Andra creates ribbon lettering. Don’t worry if it’s too fast for you! We have a full explanation and real-time video below.

For this video Andra used:

  • Crayola Marker
  • Tombow Fudenosuke pen for outline
  • Tombow Dual-tip Brush Marker for applying shadow
  • Uni-ball Angelic White for highlights
I love creating ribbon letters with my fat Crayolas but you can use any medium to create a similar effect. I tried with coloured pencils, watercolours, brush pens and they all look lovely.
  • Write your word with the Crayola Marker
  • Using your Tombow Fudenosuke pen, darken the ribbon parts that sits in shadow. I used the Fudenosuke because of its small tip, letting me work in detail, and its slightly darker colour. If you use only a single colour, go over the areas you want to darken a few times but be careful not to tear the paper. For this one I used 80gsm Rhodia paper but you could use watercolour paper if you need to build up stronger tones by going over your work repeatedly.
  • Highlight your letters with a white pen such as the Uni-ball Angelic White gel pen.
  • Apply outside shadow with Tombow Dual-Tip Brush Pen N95 or N75. This creates a subtle but significant effect!
I hope you decide you try this and experiment with different mediums! Totally worth it!
Rest your hand on a blank paper while you create so you avoid smudging. Even if you let your artwork dry you might smudge it if your palm sweats.
Try this one exactly as you see it so you can understand the shadowing concept, then go on and try different words!
I loved so much this that I cropped it and improvised it as a sticker which I still have it on my wall after 6 months!😄
Here’s the full-length video for you, so you can see the whole process in detail.

You will find more of Andra’s lettering in Simply Lettering magazine, and many more videos on her social media feeds including YouTube
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